Safe and stress-free horse transport

Sea freighting is a safe and stress-free way to transport horses overseas and is a very cost effective alternative to air freight.

Sea Horse Sea Freight’s professional traveling grooms and customised accommodation will ensure that your horse arrives at its destination, happy and relaxed.

A great equine travel alternative to equine airfreight, ship your horse internationally in comfort. Faster recovery times.

Shipping a horse overseas vs Equine Air Transport

Equine air freight may be faster, but if your horse doesn’t need to be there tomorrow, then sea freight is the way to go. It’s cost effective, low stress and your horse will benefit from faster recovery times. Take advantage of our door to door all-inclusive service.

  • Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements then complete a booking form to confirm.
  • We pick up your horse on the arranged date
  • Pre-export agistment, final vet inspection & sign-off
  • Your horse is in transit.
  • Customs & quarantine clearance and delivery

First Class Equine Accommodation

Our containers are first class, they are regularly maintained and all certified and approved by MPI, DAFF and the Maritime Safety Authority.

We’ve given a great deal of time and thought on the design of our containers. Each large space has its own front door. This means that each horse can be attended to individually without disturbing the others.

The walls are lined with sheets of easy clean plastic, which are safe and hygienic.

The floor covering is non-slip, seamless, poured on rubber.  This is moisture resistant so very hygienic and easy to clean.  Each stall has individual drainage to allow any liquid to drain away immediately.

Accommodation Configuration when shipping your horse overseas

Individual partitions can be completely removed. This gives us the option to travel horses in a number of different configurations. This is also great for travelling mares and foals together – they have the freedom and safety of their own double space.