Capleach Jackson

Capleach Jackson

The last week of February saw some equine history quietly taking place with the export of a 13-month old Suffolk Punch colt, from the only stud in Australia to Mike Ashburns, who has the only stud in New Zealand, the first export of its kind in at least 60 years.

Capleach Jackson bred by Dennis & Marge Candy of Inverell NSW, began his journey with a 7-hour road trip from The Draught Horse Centre to Brisbane. He then spent 3 days in Brisbane agisted with his travelling companions before his departure. He sailed on the P&O Palliser (which is about 270 metres long) and arrived into Fergusson wharf in Auckland, his trip only took 27 days.

With Capleach Jackson’s departure the total number of purebred Suffolks in Australia were reduced to six-and all at Inverell with the Candy’s. This was to be short lived with the arrival of the third filly to be exported from New Zealand, again travelling by sea, with Sea Horse Sea Freight, who were delighted to be transporting their first Suffolks both ways.

Calcott lolanthe arrived at Port Botany after four days at sea, then straight into a float and a 4 hour journey to the Southern Tablelands, 920 metres above sea level, to meet her new owners Bev & Yvonne Hatch. There were a few surprises and new things to get used to: kookaburras cackling as they sat on a fence, flocks of sulphur crested cockatoos shrieking, and galahs swooping down low over her paddock. She now takes all these in her stride, including goats standing on two legs to reach into tree branches, which on first sight had made her snort and canter away in alarm.

Calcott lolanthe has made friends with the half Suffolk colt Albert; standing guard over him while he takes a nap and his mum takes a break.

lolanthe will remain with her owners until breeding age and then travel to Inverell, to join the pure breeding programme.
Here in Australia we remain committed to doing our bit to save the Suffolks with both a pure breeding and a breeding up programme.

Marge Candy